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Growing Up in God
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What Is Growing Up in God?
Growing Up in God is an in-depth Bible study suitable for personal devotions, couple devotions, adult Sunday School, or group study. The study is intended to promote spiritual maturity and address issues that may be impeding personal growth.

What Is in This Study?
This study consists of seven chapters. Each chapter contains between two and eight lessons. Each lesson has a study and an exercise section.

How Do I Use Growing Up in God?
Growing Up in God is available in either Kindle or print format. This web page details the Kindle format of Growing Up in God.

The Kindle eBook version is available chapter by chapter from The links to each Kindle chapter can be found below on this page. Free samples of each chapter can be downloaded or read online. All chapters contain several lessons, and each lesson has a corresponding exercise guide. Lesson exercise guides are available as FREE downloads (PDF file format) on this page.

Download a free app to read Kindle books on just about any device: Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Android phones, PC, and Mac.

View or download the Growing Up in God Table of Contents, (FREE PDF file download.)

—Now Available—
Chapter 1: Making Progress in My Walk with God and Chapter 2: How the Bible Defines Spiritual Maturity (Introductory Bundled Purchase)
Five lessons; Both chapters together as eBook available on ($0.99)
Chapters 1 and 2 Lesson Exercises (FREE PDF file download)

Chapter 3: Godly Emotional Maturity
Seven lessons; eBook available on
Chapter 3 Lesson Exercises (FREE PDF file download)

Chapter 4: Led by the Spirit
Four lessons; eBook available on
Chapter 4 Lesson Exercises (FREE PDF file download)

Chapter 6 CoverChapter 5: By a New and Living Way
Six lessons; eBook available on Chapter 5 Lesson Exercises (FREE PDF file download)

Chapter 6: How to Belong to a Church—and Love It Four lessons; eBook available on
Chapter 6 Lesson Exercises (FREE PDF file download)

Individual volumes are $10 plus shipping and handling. Order Volumes 1 and 2.